form follows function - that has been missunderstood. form and

function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.

                                                                      -Frank Lloyd Wright-


Lat. inspiratio = animation, Guts of "spirit" = life, soul, spirit

Inspiration for me arises primarily based on the love for my daily work.

I'm trying every day again to copy the perfection and
individuality of nature as closely as possible. By the constant expansion of my knowledge and its practical application i'm getting closer to that goal with every case i'm getting done.


Every human being is an individuum. By his appearance, by the way he moves, speaks or just smiles.

Teeth are the most important ingredient of that smile. Creating a new, in my patients eyes "perfect smile" is the biggest goal for my daily work.

The satisfied, sometimes soulful look of a patient in the mirror after his new front crowns or veneers were placed in and the consequential higher participation in social life testify exactly the Latin translation of the word inspiration.


                                                                                                - Jost P. Prestin -