Jost P. Prestin - Master Dental Technician /

                        Founder and CEO

c / v

born in 1982 in Waren / Müritz


09/1999-01/2003   Dental Engineer Trainee

                           Employer: Flemming Dental GmbH Waren (Müritz), Germany

                           Member of the Flemming Group


02/2003-06/2003   Dental Engineer at Flemming Dental

                           Trainer for Trainees,

                           Resposabilities as a Management Assistant,

                           Quality Manager ( ISO 2001),

                           Contact Person for Dentists as a Technical Support,

                           Contact Person for Dental Industry Agents

                           Manager Partial Denture Departement( Modellguss)

                           Manager PFM Department-Framework

                           Final Case-Checking


07/2003-03/2004  German Army: Corpsman


04/2004-06/2007  Dental Engineer at Flemming Dental

                          same Responsibilities as before


07/2007-05/2008  Master Dental Engineer at Frontier Dental Laboratories, Inc.

                          > Laboratory for Cosmetic Dentistry < in

                          El Dorado Hills, California, USA

                          Operations Manager Framework Division

                          Manager Implant Departement


05/2008-07/2008  Master Dental Engineer at GermanDent/ USADent, Shanghai/ CHINA


07/2008-10/2010  Master Dental Engineer at Creadent,

                          Implant Clinique Dr. Gerd Müller, 73337 Gingen, Gemany

11/2010-03/2011  Renfert GmbH, Hilzingen, Germany

                         Dental Training & Education

04/2011-06/2014 Die Zahnärzte am alten Park, Radolzell

                         General Manager at the Office Laboratory


Since 07/2014    Founder and CEO of the Dental Emotions GmbH


Special education


09/1999-01/2003 Dental Engineer Trainee


01/2003 Graduation Dental Engineer ( Gesellenbrief Zahntechnik)

Winner of the practical competition in performance of the County

Mecklenburg Vorpommern


06/2007 Graduation Master Dental Engineer

as the youngest attendee and also

the best Examination Results of the class 2007


Professional Qualification


04/2004 Examination for instructor qualification


09/2004 Qualitymanagementtraining Part 2

11/2004 Qualitymanagementtraining Part 3

05/2005 “Modellguss” Seminar

07/2005 Crown & Bridges Seminar

09/2005 “Einstückguss” Seminar

09/2005 Baltic Dental Group Tallinn, Estonia

11/2005 Examination Certified Buyers Experte

02/2006 Shared Implantbridge Seminar

03/2006 Shared Bridge Seminar

05/2006 Ceramic Seminar “Duceram Kiss”

06/2006 Komet Seminar

09/2006 “RSS-Frästechnik” Seminar

10/2006 “customized milled bar”

11/2006 Sirona Cerec Seminar

01/2007 TiF-System Seminar

02/2007 Built up Seminar total Dentures

04/2008 CCADS Over the Shoulder Program

(8 Veneers Case over Night)

Since 2013 Member of the DSD Team (Digital Smile Design by Christian Coachman)